Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Dr B's 2014 Giants Top 50 Prospects: #33 Alberto Robles

Alberto Robles, INF.  B-R, T-R.  6'1", 155 lbs.  DOB:  9/14/1990.

Alberto Robles is listed as a SS in his milb.com bio, but if my memory serves me, he has mostly played 2B in his minor league career.  He hails from Venezuela.  He started out his pro career in the DSL in 2010 hitting .263.  He returned to the  DSL Giants in 2011 and upped his BA to .344.  A promotion to the AZL in 2012 resulted in a BA of .380 but he hit just .167 in 45 AB's after a promotion to Augusta.  He did not arrive in Augusta last season until May 31, but showed steady improvement with each month hitting .271/.340/.387 in June, .315/.373/.389 in July and .329/.379/.424 in August.

His listed weight makes him sound like a lightweight, but in both still pics and a short video, he looks solidly built, though possibly an inch or two shorter than 6'1".  Robles got a bit of a late start for an international prospect as his first DSL season was age 19.  With the repeat year in the DR, he is not young for his level.  He does seem to have a hit tool and has shown the capacity for improvement along the way.  I found an Augusta Chronicle article that reported he played solid D at both SS and 2B but better at 2B and is particularly adept at making the pivot on DP relay throws.  His longterm stock would be helped if he can hold down the SS position, though.  I see him as another nice little sleeper in the system.  There is a lot of competition in the Giants lower minors for middle infield slots, so it will be interesting to see where he plays in 2014.


  1. Good to have a lot of competition, especially for middle infield slots.

    By the way, a couple of years ago, the Giants drafted a few young kids out of Puerto Rico, surprising some people. Where are they now?

  2. Robles did have an impressive (abbreviated) season, much like Rando Moreno. Wonder if those two will share time in the Augusta infield this year. If Arroyo is the starting SS, as we believe he'll be, then there really is a logjam in the infield. With Polonius, Relaford, Sy, Ryan Jones, and I suppose Duffy all in the mix as well, I really have no idea how they'll find spots for all these guys between Aug and SJ. This is the struggle I had in trying to project the position players on each full season affiliate, which I'm hoping to write about over at my site later in the week.

    1. It is definitely a logjam. I suppose that is a good problem to have, but it may force some decisions before the Giants have had time to fully assess.

    2. I can tell you this much: there's no way all of those guys break camp on Opening Day rosters. Same goes for the mess arms that are getting jammed at the AA/AAA level. Unless the front office is much more creative than I am, somebody is going to lose a job... probably a few somebody's. The talent is certainly rising to the top in this system at the moment.

  3. como se ve robles actualmente?