Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Giants Depth Charts: Third Base

For better or worse, Evan Longoria seems entrenched as the Giants 3'rd baseman for the next 4 seasons.  That's right, 4 seasons!  Then the Giants owe him a buyout if they want to make a change for the 2023 season.  Yep, I said 2023!  On the other hand, the Giants don't have any 3B prospects to speak of at a higher level than Low A, so maybe it's just as well.  Here's the 3B Depth Chart:

MLB:  1.  Evan Longoria- The starting 3B unless injured or traded.... for the next 4 seasons.  I actually think after a year of acclimation to NL pitchers and a full season of health, he could be pretty good next year.  2.  Alen Hanson- He's versatile.  3. Ryder Jones- He'll probably start the season in Sacramento for more seasoning.  Pablo Sandoval is listed as a FA although I think the Giants may have some sort of option on him.  Red Sox are on the hook for all but MLB minimum of his salary.

AAA:  Empty.

AA:  Jonah Arenado-  tremendous power potential, but has yet to show it's usable in games.  Bigger than his older bro and may end up at 1B, IF the bat ever comes around.  Ryan Howard and CJ Hinojosa likely could play 3B defensively, but don't have ideal power for the position.

A+:  Wander Franco was the starter all season but I believe he is a minor league FA.  Kelvin Beltre is listed on the roster as a SS, but has played 3B in the past.

Low A:  Jacob Gonzalez had a terrible first full pro season in Augusta.  Too early to give up on him though.  Manuel Geraldo was the starting SS  but has played 3B in the past.  He probably does not have enough bat for the position a the MLB level.  40'th round draft pick Abdiel Layer had a fine debut in Arizona but went 0 for 11 after late promo to Augusta. He also played SS in Arizona.

Short Season:  David Villar- Here's where we start getting into some serious 3B prospects.  Villar showed as much bat as Joey Bart in his pro debut.  I project him to start next season in San Jose.

Rookie AZL:  Sean Roby- Strong pro debut, out of JC ball.  Probably ticketed for Augusta next season.  Yorlis Rodriguez- 18 yo from Cuba had a terrific pro debut for Giants Orange.  There is a bit of a logjam for Giants 3B prospects here but it probably layers out with Vilar in SJ, Roby in Augusta and YRod in Salem-Keizer.

DSL:  Luis Toribio- Toribio started of red hot for the DSL Giants then tailed off a bit.  He probably bought himself a ticket to Arizona next season, especially now that the Giants have two teams there.

Free Agents:  Manny Machado(see last post), Mike Moustakas?, Josh Donaldson, Asdrubal Cabrera, Adrian Beltre.

Summary:  Short of signing Manny Machado and finding some creative way to jettison Longoria, I'd say it's going to be Longoria next season, with a decent chance for a modest bounceback.


  1. If somehow the Giants could attract Machado, and move Longoria to 1B, could the Giants get a power outfield bat for Belt? Or Belt and something?
    I am NOT part of the get-rid-of-Belt'ers but who else do the Giants have to get someone and make room for Machado? Crawford?
    This is assuming that no-trade provisions can be worked out!

  2. By hook or by crook, between Longoria and Pablo, the Giants DID get 35 2B, 25 HR, 94 RBI from the 3B position last season. Not great, but not bad. And yes, I know that Pablo played a bunch of games at 1B last year. However, the spot isn't as desolate as it might seem at first glance.

  3. Dr. B,

    If Villar is in San Jose and Roby at Augusta, where does Gonzalez go?

    1. Good question. Maybe Jacob and Roby do a 3B/1B/DH rotation in Augusta?