Thursday, October 4, 2018

Giants Depth Chart: Catcher

We'll start off the offseason discussion by doing our annual Giants Depth Chart series which helps focus on talent the Giants currently have in the organization and how far away prospects are at given positions.

Despite all the happy talk coming out of the Giants organization about what to expect from Buster Posey post hip surgery, they are suddenly facing uncertainties at the position they have not had to deal with since Buster took over the position.  Maybe he will be ready for Opening Day, be as good as new and catch for another 4 seasons, but the Giants would be foolish to not have a backup plan.  So with that happy thought behind us, let's look at the Giants current depth chart.

MLB:  1. Buster Posey(coming off surgery).  2.   Aramis Garcia- Showed impressive power and hit tool in a September callup, but also 48% K rate(30% in AAA).  Probably needs at least another half-season in AAA.

AAA:  Empty

AA:  Matt Winn- I've seen high marks for leadership.  Flashes power, but bat is inconsistent.

A+:  Chris Corbett-  Seems to fit a defensive C profile.  Probably an organizational player.  2.  Tanner Murphy- Ditto Chris Corbett.

Low A:  1.  Rob Calabrese- Bat has been disappointing so far.  2.  Tim Dal Porto- Don't know much about him.  Seems to have been signed as an undrafted FA.  3.  Jeffry Parra- a longterm project.  Unclear if the bat will develop.  Showed occasional pop.  Expect him to repeat Augusta.

Short Season:  1. Joey Bart- Bart got off to a nice start to his pro career in Salem-Keizer, but S-K is a hitter friendly environment.  I expect him to start 2019 in San Jose and could be in AA by the end of the season if the bat plays.  Development timetable might have to be speeded up depending on the outcome of Buster's surgery.  2.  Ricardo Genoves- Another longterm project.  Hit .243 for S-K at age 19.  Should move up to full season ball in Augusta in 2019.

Rookie AZL:  1.  Fabian Pena- 25'th round draft pick out of Manhattan college.  Hit an impressive .309 with 5 dingers in his pro debut, player in rookie ball.  2.  Andres Angulo- spent 2 seasons in the DSL and hit .346 in his second AZL season.  3.  Angel Guzman- 18 yo drafted in round  21 out of PR HS.  Hit a nice .289 with .418 OBP in his pro debut.  4.  Braden Frankfort- 32'nd round draft pick out of Fresno Pacific.  Hit .250 in his pro debut, but in rookie ball.  5. Cody Brickhouse- HS draftee from 2015.  This was his 4'th season in the AZL.

DSL:  1.  Rodolfo Bone- From Nicaragua.  Hit .317 in his pro debut.  He's got the name, he's got the scouting reports.  He's got the bat.  Yes, yes and yes!  Get him to Arizona ASAP!  2. Keyberth Mejias- BA improved from .190 to .256 with 4 dingers from 2017 to 2018.  3.  Cesar Gonzalez- 17 yo. Hit .270 in just 37 AB's.  4.  Omar Medina- BA improved from .213 to .235 in 2'nd DSL season.

Available Free Agents:  Yasmani Grandal(30), Nick Hundley(35), Jonathan Lucroy(33), Martin Maldanado(32), Devin Mesoraco(31), Wilson Ramos(31), Rene Rivera(35), Kurt Suzuki(35), Matt Wieters(33).

Most likely bet is the Giants just re-sign Nick Hundley and try to find a minor league sign as a back up plan should Buster Posey not be ready to start the season.  Yasmani Grandal would be an upgrade even on Buster Posey, but will be expensive and he probably does not want to compete with Buster for catching time. Grandal will likely re-sign with the Dodgers.  Maldanado, Rivera and Suzuki are all affordable options who might be better than Hundley.


  1. Yesterday's news: Larry Baer’s annual message confirmed there will be no rebuild.
    Good coverage at McCovey Chron:
    I personally will comment on this in your "End of Season Q/A" blog.

  2. I like the plan to bring back Hundley, and sign a AAA vet as insurance to compete with Garcia..
    Winn is from Richmond, so I bet he repeats and splits time with an org guy like Arnold or Riley until Bart moves up.

  3. It's nice to see Joey Bart ranked as the #1 prospect in the Northwest league in Baseball America. Have a feeling we might see this kid in SF in 2 years or less.