Sunday, September 25, 2016

Jose Fernandez RIP

Shocking and awful news out of Florida where Marlins star pitcher Jose Fernandez and at least 2 others apparently died when a 30 ft boat they were in capsized on some rocks near Miami.  Not that his stardom makes it any more or less tragic but Fernandez is the most talented and accomplished star I can recall to die suddenly while still playing.  The Marlins-Braves game scheduled for today has been appropriately cancelled.  Thoughts go out to Jose's family and the Miami Marlins team.


  1. Replies
    1. Clemente was a Hall of Famer near the end of his career. Fernandez was a potential HOF close to the beginning of his. I also thought of Thurman Munson after posting this. Also, Roy Campanella did not die, but his career was ended prematurely by motor vehicle accident.

  2. I can only watch his curveball via youtube clips now. He's gone way too soon. Adenhart and now Fernandez. I'm so sad right now. RIP

  3. Yeah, I just read that. The only thing that comes to me was Len Bias dying of a reaction to cocaine after being drafted by the Celtics. He was a heck of a collegiate basketball player though, unlike Fernandez, he never had a pro career.

  4. Brings back the shocking news that Oscar Taveras died not too long ago both such tragedies

  5. May his soul move on to even greater things, the man left a great impression in his time. Rest in Peace Jose.