Monday, December 16, 2013

Scouting the Draft: Bradley Zimmer

If you are looking for a local college kid to root for in the 2014 draft, you've go Kyle Zimmer's lil' bro at USF, Bradley who plays outfield and is starting get some notice as a hitter.  He's big at 6'5", 205 lbs and puts up 5 tool type numbers:

2012:  .242/.274/.314.
2012(summer):  .279/.343/.490, 7 HR.

2013: .320/.380/.504, 7 HR, 19 SB, 11 BB, 19 K's.

he doesn't walk a lot, but also does not strike out a lot.  He bats left and throws right.

On video he is very quiet at the plate with minimal load and only about a half inch front foot raise and turn.  Like most taller hitters, he looks like he likes to get his arms extended and may have trouble with inside pitches.

BLF does not have him ranked in their top 50. Matt Garrioch of Minor League Ball has him at #38. BA has him ranked all the way up at #12 with the comment, "the rare college bat with projection as well as strong present tools."  Kiley McDaniel at ranks him #44 and calls him "very athletic" and "still growing into his frame."


  1. A lot of interesting prospects, showing why it's a deep draft.

    Appreciate your good work, Dr.B.

    Isn't this the time of the year where we starting seeing your annual ranking and individual profiles? Can't wait for these either.

    1. I working on it now. I usually unveil it near Christmas when I usually take some time off from work.

      Tough year to rank as their is one clearcut #1 then a very long list of prospects who could be reasonably argued are #2.

  2. Given that the Giants have more pitching depth in their pipeline than most other teams I'd like to see them use that to their advantage this coming draft. While other teams may be focussing more on pitching in the early rounds I'd like to see the Giants go after the best available bats early, and then switch their focus to pitching: the high upside/undervalued/project type of picks they seem to identify and develop well.

    1. The pitching is deep enough that a strategy of taking the best available bat in round one then the best pitcher left in round 2 could be a very reasonable strategy.