Tuesday, March 26, 2013

News and Notes

The MCC crowd can breath a huge sigh of relief as Yuniesky Betancourt will not be signing with the Giants.  That would be be BrewCrew instead.

The Yankees continue a recent pattern of eating the crumbs the fall from the Giants table.  Latest is Dan Otero claimed off waivers by the Yanks.  Man, things must be very grim in the Bronx these days!

Congrats to Chad Gaudin as the Giants formally gave him a roster spot by purchasing his contract from AAA Fresno.


  1. I am surprised Beane has not tried to beat the Yankees to it.

  2. Good for Gaudin. You have to have a Cajun, so he's our guy this year.

    Don't know if you've seen Ritzo's blog, its pretty good: http://sjgiants.mlblogs.com/

    Nothing has changed with Stratton, working out with the low-A guys. Looks like Williamson and Villalona will be hitting at SJ to start the year, that's some power. (There is a nice photo of Mac a couple stories down, I really like his stance and swing). The big news is Susac might be in position to make the jump to AA with Ricky O and Adam Duvall.

    The San Jose bullpen will be crowded. Mizenko, Cody Hall, Ian Gardeck. Gotta be excited for all these arms the Giants have. I just profiled some of my favorite righties. Guessing which of these flamethrowers who might stick at starting is a fun exercise. I'm very curious where they'll put these guys. With Bandilla and Marlowe possibly still starting, that might be the key to where Agosta and Stratton end up.

    Bummer about Betancourt, I was hoping for some comedy. However, we've been rooting for young Nick Noonan, and the lad has earned it fair and square!

  3. Did you see that Sickels and Garrioch did a mock draft? They have the Giants going after a power OF from Mississippi State named Hunter Renfroe. I would be really happy if this is how it turned out. I recommend you go take a look at his college stats because they are pretty impressive.


    Clint in Redlands

    1. The next pick taken is Robert Kaminsky, who is also high on my list.

      Clint in Redlands

    2. Oh yeah! I did a profile on Renfroe a couple of weeks ago. Light tower power, I tell you, light tower power. John Barr knows something about that and we know the Giants have scouted Mississippi St. because that is where they got Chris Stratton from.

      This draft may be a bit weak in the top 5-10, but It's shaping up to be a lot better and deeper than it's being give credit for. The Giants should be able to get a very good player at #25 which is where they end up after the Lohse signing.

  4. I've been very impressed with the stats that the top college hitters elgible for the draft have put up so far. Kris Bryant, Philip Ervin, Hunter Renfroe, DJ Peterson have been raking so far. I wonder how much of a boost Peterson's stats may have gotten so far playing in the Mountain West Conference with a few small ballparks with light air. I've watched college baseball for a long time and have noticed the big difference that the BBCOR bats have made the past 3 years with fewer HRS, fewer extra basehits, and more small ball. I wonder if this affects the evaluations of draft prospects by scouts. I think this has to raise the draft stocks of the players mentioned putting up big offensive #'s in todays college game.


  5. Why aren't the Giants putting Surkamp on the 60-day DL to make room on the 40-man roster? Do they need to wait until the season starts to be able to do that? I don't think he is being expected any time soon.