Thursday, February 14, 2013

News and Notes: Pitchers and Catchers Report

Just a few things I'd like to comment on gleaned from news about the first day of spring training:

I'm excited about Tim Lincecum.  It appears he's done a lot more than change his hairstyle.  From the pictures I've seen, he looks to be right about perfect weight and it looks like solid weight.  Even better, from his comments it sounds like Timmy is fully aware of what the weight extremes did to him and consciously made the effort to correct that.  In addition, it sounds like he put in a lot of work into his delivery.  I know everybody is optimistic on the first day of spring training, but these are concrete things that Timmy needed to address in the offseason.  From all appearances, he did just that.

Remember the discussions about options for some of our Top 50 prospects?  There are just two significant players in camp who are out of options:  Yusmiero Petit and Conor Gillaspie.  Ehire Adrianza, Francisco Peguero and surprisingly, Dan Runzler still have an option left and can be sent to Fresno, which is probably good for both them and the Giants as all 3 need some seasoning and getting to do that in an organization that is familiar with them is probably better than being cast adrift into the unknown waters of DFA land.


  1. I'd point out that all 3 of Adrianza, Peggs and Runzler are good reflections on how much depth we do have in our system. They might not be front line players, but they have a decent chance of making the show. Yet another reason to be optimistic for the future. All signs point to the ownership being committed to home-grown development.

  2. That hairdo is a statement.

    I think it is meant to say, I am committed to this as seriously as I am. I may be a fun and carefree guy and I still am, but I am taking this seriously.

  3. Yes, the Timmy news is the most important. He said all the right things too regarding his problems last season.

    I noticed on one of the Fangraphs or THT article about Lincecum that SharkRog noted that the Giants put him under some sort of program - finally! - so I was very heartened to see that, though I would prefer to see confirmation of that from Tim or the organization at some point.