Saturday, February 2, 2013

DrB's 2013 Giants Top 50 Prospects #44: Dan Burkhart

Dan Burkhart, C.  DOB 3/6/1989.  5'11", 215 lbs.  B-L, T-R.

High A:  .298/.362/.439, 2 HR in 114 AB.

Burkhart was the Giants 10'th round draft pick in 2009 out of Ohio St.  He got a late start on the 2012 season showing up in San Jose in June.  He hit just .217 in 23 AB in June but caught fire in the second half hitting .333/.390/.493 after the all-star break and .387/.472/.548 over his last 10 games.  Defensively, he was the backup catcher to Andrew Susac and DH'd the rest of the time.

He has a classic catcher's build with a thick body and even thicker legs.  He most likely profiles strictly as a backup catcher, but the current boon in platooning around baseball gives added value to his lefthanded bat.


  1. Just read that doumit/Molina framing article on fangraphs. I would have to say the Giants public statements on Posey and the way they handled it was correct. His exceptional learning curve allowed them to get him in early, not late. Most likely there isn't enough data on Posey yet but he appears to me to be an excellent defensive catcher.

    Going with the yoot here instead of Johhny Hollywood Monell! Left handed hitting catchers don't grow on tree's!

    I think we might look to a catcher in the first 4 rounds of the draft, we have thinned our strength with Joseph traded and Sanchez graduated. Speaking of framing, Hector needs to work on that aspect of his game. But his arm sure looks good!

    1. I thought that was a particularly interesting article.

    2. Yes, that plus the two other articles noted were interesting. I would also point out the chapter on catcher's ERA that Dewan tried out in Fielding Bible Volume II, it corroborates the Molina brothers as pretty good catchers, Kohjima and Posada as particularly bad ones, overall.

    3. Found the Fast article very interesting, once I read in detail:

      He actually noticed that catchers were costing their pitchers strikes by moving their head when catching the ball, even though it is in the same spot called a strike by the umpire regularly. Anybody observe Posey enough (or even Hector) to see if they do keep a steady head or move all around?