Saturday, July 12, 2014

Game Wrap 7/11/2014: Giants 5 D'Backs 0

Pablo Sandoval broke out of his slump to lead the offense and Tim Lincecum continued his dominant pitching to lead the Giants to the shutout victory in Game 1 of the weekend series.  Key Lines:

Brandon Belt- 2 for 3, BB.  BA= .242.  Belt was the table-setter in this game.  I especially loved him poking one through an empty left side to beat the shift in the first inning which led to the first run of the game on Sandoval's HR.

Pablo Sandoval- 3 for 4, 2B, HR(11).  BA= .264.  Maybe Pablo read some of the things being said about him on some Giants oriented websites, or maybe he is fully recovered from the contusion on his arm from a HBP a few games ago, or maybe it was just time in the normal ebb and flow of baseball stats.  Whatever it was, Pabs showed once again that he is one of those players who can almost win a game for you all by himself which is why he is going to get paid this offseason.

Tim Lincecum- 7 IP, 3 H, 0 R, 2 BB, 6 K's.  ERA= 3.66.  Ownage?  What ownage?  Timmy has had a terrible time against the D'Backs in general and Paul Goldschmidt and Aaron Hill in particular, but he dominated them tonight.  Timmy has allowed just 1 ER in his last 4 starts and has lowered his ERA from a peak of 5.01 reached on 6/3/2014.  Maybe Timmy should be representing the Giants at the All-Star Game?

The Win put the Giants back into first place in the NL West by a percentage point over the Dodgers who lost to the Padres 6-3.

Ryan Vogelsong tries to secure a series win facing Wade Miley this afternoon.


  1. Thanks to Timmy's last 4 starts, we are not worse than we are.

    I think, there is hope that we can have consistent quality starts from all 5 of our starters, once Bumgarner and Hudson return to their earlier forms.

    Good teams, in good years, have players stepping forward with monstrous half-month long or torrid month long outputs. I think we have players capable of doing that. A hot July from any of these will be a tremendous boost - Posey, Pablo or Morse, and puts us in good position when Pagan returns.

    1. We can talk about trade scenarios until the cows come home, but if the Giants don't get at least 2 more starters on a good run to help Timmy out, it's not going to mean a whole lot. I said at the beginning of the season, it would be decided by the starting pitching. That is still true.

    2. Amen!

      The Giants run begins and ends with their starters. The fact that Timmy is leading the charge is good news. I expected him to be bringing up the rear. We can expect/hope that at least three out of MadBum/Cainer/Hudson/Voggie will go on serious runs in the second half. Or else the Giants are cooked.

      Yes, Pagan seems to hold the the magical key to the Giants offense. This pisses me off and it must really grind on Bochy, after all there are at least four other proven and productive MLB hitters (Pence/Posey/Panda/Morse) in the lineup everyday. I says they got to produce too.

      It's in the clubhouse where this team has to make it happen, or not.

    3. giants are still in hunt because the dodgers had their run and are back to playing 500 ball

      word on the street is that the bums really want price....

      ok....bums have 3 prospects that everyone wants....and to get price, they will have to give up 2, and one will have to be cory saeger

      i saw saeger play last month...kid is the real deal...and i hope the bums trade him to win now. cuz they have nothing in the pipe to replace him


  2. Trade Pablo! If it yields results I'll keep em coming.

    1. Panda ain't changing rice bowls mid season. Nice to dream, but let's just execute on the field and win this sucker.

    2. Your idea of a midseason trade of Pablo to the Yanks for prospects then trade other prospects for Zobrist and put him at 3B is not terrible, but that would be waaaay out of character for Sabes.

    3. Trade Sandoval for a bat, stat!

      Not my idea to go get Zobrist, that's an add on.

    4. It's my idea, as an add-on to yours about trading PS, or maybe a further specification to your "a bat." Zobrist is the way to stifle howls about who's going to replace Bronx-bound Sando, and he'd come with an excellent OBP.

    5. That's where you lose me, Shankbone. Sandoval IS the bat! Giants are not going to get a better bat than Sandoval to play 3B, just aren't. There are ways they could mitigate the loss, such as a parallel trade for Zobrist, but they aren't going to upgrade the bat at 3B this year.

    6. He's THE bat, and then he isn't. There isn't a more jeckyl/hyde player in the show. He saw how many pitches today?

      I'd trade Sandoval off, I'd go get Trevor Plouffe from the Twins with some of our AA pitching and see what's what. Zobrist is going to cost too much from a slick front office that doesn't really want to give him up.

      Why trade Sando? Because I don't think he's worth the Pence. And the QO is the 30th pick in the draft, that is a 3-5% crapshoot. Get a better odds by getting a top 50 prospect at least.

      And I know that isn't the way its going down. The Giants will hold tight, hoping for the lightning in the bottle. And of course I hope it goes that way, I love Panda when he's on, just like everybody else.

    7. Trevor Plouffe? Since when is is Trevor Plouffe the Cat's Pajamas? Just to make sure I wasn't missing something I went back and looked up Plouffe's yearly batting lines. I'm pretty sure if you listed Plouffe's and Pablo's batting lines side by side from best to worst, Pablo would come out ahead at every level!

      As for the QO, yes, if the Giants are writing off this season and do not plan to be buyers at the deadline, then I agree, they will get more for Pablo than a 30'th round draft pick, but if they are willing to be buyers, they will not be able to replace Pablo's production at 3B with someone else. If they think they are contenders for this year, they need to keep Pablo and then worry about what to do about his free agency later.

    8. Just to add some hard numbers, here are Plouffe's and Pablo's career numbers:

      Trevor Plouffe: .240/.304/.410, fWAR= 0.9 in 4.5 seasons. Plouffe's is a strongly negative career defender on top of replacement level offense.

      Pablo Sandoval: .295/.347/.471, fWAR= 19.8 in 5.5 seasons. Pablo is a moderately positive career defender and is back in the black on defense this year.

      No thank you on Plouffe. The Giants can do better starting with keeping Pablo.

    9. Come on now DrB, you know I'm not comparing them as equals. This is taking salary into the equation, as well as recent results. Pablo hasn't been near a 300 hitter in the past 5 years with one exception, he's been a 275 hitter for the past 5 years. The Giants can set themselves up for the future by trading Pablo, snag Plouffe as a lightning bottle candidate fill-in and continue to try and compete.

    10. And the same goes for his SLG. Its not nearly the difference that you see in the direct career comps with Plouffe. He's got basically a 275/330/440 to that 240/300/410 - 30 points each category, and better defense. I'm not saying Plouffe is a pajama boy, I'm saying he's a trade target due to underperformance. And I do expect you to know the difference.

    11. I know the difference and I don't want Plouffe and I don't want the Giants to trade Pablo unless they are conceding the season.